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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Eek! Almost a week?

OK, I forgot to make a post. But how did I let almost a week go by between posts? I'm obviously coming unhinged.

I blame the holidays. It's crazy. Every year, it's the same crazy. Well -- this year it's a little different. I won't be hosting the holiday festivities at my house. We'll do those at my sister Martha's house in Athens. So that means I'll be traveling to Athens a lot on Dec. 24th and 25th.

Here's my foot. Here's a brick. Let's drop it on my foot and see how that feels!

In general, I have just a few things to say:
1. Company Christmas parties are lame. Especially when the company in question chooses to use the party as an excuse for an impromptu work-related pep rally. "Safer! More productive! And more profitable in '07!!!" Puhleeeeeeeeze. I could gag.

2. The only cure for a company Christmas party is to wear one's sluttiest and most incredibly luscious camisole. WOOO HOOO!!!! I love my trampy clothes!

3. Holiday shopping is not as wretched if you do it on a late Sunday afternoon/evening.

4. Wesley says I run to the mall food court like Phoebe running through Central Park. (Didja see that episode of "Friends"? Rachel and Phoebe agree to go running, but Phoebe runs like a child with her arms pinwheeling madly and her legs in all directions. Rachel's embarrassed until she tries it herself, and it turns out it's really fun!)

5. I don't really run to the mall food court like Phoebe. I run to sales like Phoebe.

6. I really like Wesley's new French press pot.

7. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Especially with the inflatable, light-up, blowing-snow snow globes down the street.

8. I have an inner Bart Simpson that I never knew I had, because I really want to pop the blow-up snow globe and see if it blats all over the neighborhood emitting fake snow as if it were incontinent.

9. Does anyone need a spare kitty? I have a very nice one up for adoption. He's extremely handsome, with thick, dark grey fur.


At 7/12/06 12:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Bay!

Yes, company Christmas parties are lame. I wish I could grant you a lifetime exemption from them. Alas, it isn't within my powers.

In the mean time, hang in there. Christmas cheer is on its way in just a few more days. Can you wait just one more week?

Your Christmas Elf


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