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Saturday, November 25, 2006


I just have one thing to ask about leftovers:

How does anyone ever have enough leftovers to make leftover turkey casserole?

Of course, I didn't roast my own turkey this year; I had to beg a few scraps from my MIL. But when I *do* roast my own turkey, I never have enough to make a casserole. I need my leftovers for more plates of near-Thanksgiving-like yumminess.

Why, this year, I had so much of Wesley's fabulous dressing and so little leftover turkey, I actually went to the store to buy a turkey breast. Except... they were all out! I had to settle for a roasted chicken from the deli. Hmph!!!

Still... that chicken was darned good. I made more green beans and horseradish glop; I made a half a pan of the usual Jello Thing, and I swear, my leftovers are so good, it's almost as if I had Thanksgiving here at the house.

Except... I am really craving a turkey sandwich... I guess I'll have to go buy someone's leftovers.

Anyone have a leftover turkey carcass I could purchase? I'll trade scrapbook supplies for breast meat....


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