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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Perils of Podcasting & more

This weekend, as Amy and I prepared for another podcast, we decided to change the method by which we record. Although we love the Skype ringtone, we've had significant problems recording via that service. We get all sorts of skipped moments, and weird, ringing, springy sound effects by accident.

When Yamy attended the Podcast Media Expo a few weeks ago, she was alerted to the idea that we could each record our own end and then edit the two tracks together. So I downloaded a free audio recording piece of software, and we got ourselves all synched up and tried to record a podcast.

There were two problems with this method.

First of all, without the Skype skips and the occasional lapses in sound, we talked and talked and talked without any way of knowing that we were just gushing endlessly. We got to the end of our recording session, and instead of the partially rational 38-minute long piece of podcast, we discovered we had blabbed for almost an hour. Sheesh!

Then, after I compressed my massive sound file and sent it to Amy, she started trying to synch up the two channels and discovered that three minutes into my file, the sound turned into garbage. My voice sounded like Mr. Roboto. Seriously!

All that work, and for nothing! We'll be re-recording our podcast on Sunday, I guess. Hmph! I hope we keep it shorter than an hour this time.

In other news, I have lost my mind and I'm selling things on eBay that no sane person would sell. People are being quite kind about my listings, but I just know I'm going to regret this.

Finally, the last few days have been faaaaabulous in terms of movies on TV. In fact, I'm quite curious as to why I don't have all these titles on DVD so I can watch them any time I want! Here's a rundown of movies I've really enjoyed recently....

Dazed & Confused -- Originally released in 1993 and marketed as a "party movie," this film has long held my husband's admiration as a film that accurately portrays the atmosphere of high school, circa 1976. I was in elementary school, so it's more of a study in cultural differences for me. In any case, it's wonderful, and the soundtrack is phenomenal. I was reminded of it because it was on a local WB affiliate as a filler movie after a football game. Dang! I should get it on DVD!

Bring It On -- A cheerleader movie? Yes, a cheerleader movie! I love it. It's a remote tosser for me; if I see it, I'm stuck until the end. I love the puns. I love the cheerleading. I love just about everything about this infectious little flick, and I was never, ever a cheerleader.

Sixteen Candles -- I'm almost 40. This movie came out when I was in high school. Although everyone else picks "The Breakfast Club" over "Sixteen Candles" as the best John Hughes high school movie, I disagree. I can't tell you how many lines I still quote from this movie, from, "I can't believe my grandma just felt me up" to "I can remember LOTS of things" and up to "Yah - MALLIED!" and "greasy bo-hunk." Joan Cusack was the best character ever on film without an actual line. I mean -- this movie rocked. Why don't I have it on DVD?

Memoirs of a Geisha -- A new favorite. Bawled my eyes out, and then watched the special features with director commentary when I rented the DVD from Netflix. I'm going to have to read the book someday, huh? And let's face it -- Ken Watanabe is *hot*!!!

The Bourne Identity -- I'm a total sucker for an action-adventure movie, and this one's fabulous. I love Franka Potente. I love Matt Damon. The script is darned near perfect, and the action is non-stop. Much, much better than the sequel! It was on network TV Saturday night. I prefer the uncut version. I'm just sayin'. Is all.

The Shawshank Redemption -- When Andy cranks up the Mozart over the prisonyard, I cry. Every time. Never fails. I loved the novella. The movie is almost as good.


At 22/10/06 12:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Bay, you are on a selling spree! If I didn't already have those UM's I'd add a bid.


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