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Monday, April 30, 2007

Games I play

Here are a few of the games I play.

1. Alter the Nifty Peg Board.

I started playing this game last fall, when my electronics-related cords became a tangled mess. I decided what I needed was a nifty peg board to paint, stamp, alter, and turn into a cord-hanging thingamabob. I found a lovely peg board online.

I asked for it for Christmas.

I got it.

The problem, of course, is that it's too nifty to actually alter. Every time I get it out and put it on my scrap table to start altering it, I find myself arranging the pegs to form a pretty pattern. And when I do that, then one of my kids comes along and takes out my pretty pattern to put in his/her own pretty pattern. The pattern above is by Woodrow.

ROYGBIV, baby. The color spectrum never gets old in my house.

2. Spot the Hummer.

(No, not a Hummer SUV. I hate those things. They're wrecking the environment. And they're ugly.) (My childhood mentor Mr. Pelham used to say, "Hate means to want to kill or destroy." And of course, that used to make me feel guilty. Now I just feel like destroying some Hummers.)

Anyway, Spot the Hummer entails setting up one's camera on a tripod and then standing very still like a statue to wait until a hummingbird comes to the feeder, while still keeping enough mobility in one's index finger to hit the shutter on the camera when a hummingbird does come by.

I didn't play it very well today. I wanted to catch a male so I could get his ruby throat on the camera, but the males were only interested in chasing off other males. The only birds who actually stopped at the feeder were the less colorful females.

But at least I have hummingbirds!

And peg boards!

So... I guess these games I play really are fun, after all?


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