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Monday, April 30, 2007

Little green monsters

I'm so relieved.

I'm back online. I'm on the computer. And furthermore, I have all my files. All my beeyoooo- teefull pictures and essays and, OMG, my recipe collection could have been lost. But no! They're fine.

Thank heaven for sisters who know how to fix nearly-dead computers!!!

So tonight's post is dedicated to little green monsters. This is my darlin' Cosmo, who very nicely chomped on a homework paper when I needed an excuse for a late sound file to a fellow podcaster.

[Taking just a second to shill one of my favorite podcasts, 5 Questions -- I love it. It's like a blog meme, only it's a podcast. It's so cool to hear from people all over the world. It's very man-on-the-street cool, and it's only published once a month. I wouldn't mind if Greg posted it more often! And I'm not just saying that because he also posted this picture of Cosmo on *his* website.]

And this post is also dedicated to the little green monsters in my head while I gaze at other people's weekend crafting accomplishments. I meant to make a post-bound album tonight. Instead, I worked on the computer. Maybe Monday I'll be able to finish that album. I would love to have a new album to store my ALSB layouts in.

And finally, I'd like to send a shout out to all those gullible souls, like me, who let their teenaged daughters use their computers. Teenaged daughters have the most amazing ability to unleash little green (and red and blue and black) monsters in the computer itself! Without trial and error, without stress and worry, without testing our abilities against the most vile of computer gremlins, we would never know that we can in fact squash the evil monsters and vanquish their dastardly plots to crash our computers and eat all our precious photo files. HA HA, green monsters! We're smarter than you are, and our laughing monkey kung fu is greater than yours!

... With help from our computer-programming sisters, of course.


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