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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

K-CSRR, Part 5 of 5 - Sunday, April 1st

Seriously! I had to take a break from writing to take my son to the dentist. I've got to say, Rolling Retreat is a *lot* more fun than waiting in a dentist's office.

Well, OK, you already knew that. Still. I had to say it.

So we're finally up to Sunday, and my hallway was much quieter than it had been Friday night. Once I finally fell asleep -- not nearly as early as I would have liked -- I slept, and slept hard. So when my alarms went off (again, cell phone and wake-up call, no relying on the erroneous clocks), I groaned and told myself I could get out of bed and have a good day even if it killed me.

Then I remembered that the FFC meeting would be at 8:30, and that *really* woke me up! I danced all around the room getting ready, but -- OK, I have to confess -- much later in the day, on my way home, I saw myself in the rear-view mirror, and that's when I realized, Oh, my gosh, I was so tired and goofy when I woke up, I totally forgot to put on concealer under my eyes when I did my makeup! OMG! Now, dang it, that is *goofy* when you forget something like that! So the dark circles under my eyes....yeah. OK.


Anyway, I barreled down to the restaurant for breakfast, and this time I didn't find Staci. I found Shona, though, and the waitress cleared a spot for me so I could be pushy and force poor Shona to endure my company for yet another meal.

So the first thing Shona says is, "Were you there when Boris started paying for drinks?"


Oh, I left the bar *way* too early if someone else started buying the drinks. We talked and laughed while we ate breakfast -- Shona got pictures of Boris and Max the hunky South American guy -- and I kinda wondered, well, if Staci was still in the bar when Boris started buying the drinks, then.... maybe she had overslept? I worried about that.

I had to run up to my room -- I had forgotten my class kit -- so after breakfast, I ran to my room, and then I ran downstairs again for the Food For Craft meeting. There were a *lot* of us there -- Shona and... is it Donna who's already a Crafter in NC? -- Well, two Crafters were there, along with Karen the Crafter Coordinator, of course, and then there were five or six of us sitting in on the meeting. I sat there looking scared and confused. I wanted to sign up immediately. I was too scared. Kim was across the way and she asked the *best* questions. I tried to think of good questions, but really the only question I had was, "Can I do this?" And I don't think Karen could really probe my psyche and ascertain whether or not I am brave enough to be a Crafter. I *know* FFC would be supportive and helpful. I *know* Club Scrap stuff sells itself. Without once twisting *my* arm, Club Scrap has been selling itself to me for five fabulous years!

[Bunny trail: Happy Anniversary to me! Five years ago this month, I finally got my grubby paws on a slip of Club Scrap Architecture paper. I loved it, I tore it, and the rest is history!]

So I know that the support and encouragement is there -- I'm just not sure I can book the room, invite the scrappers, and really make it happen, just because I'm a lazy bum who sits behind a computer all day and plays with words. Y'know? I'm not sure this is the kind of venture for an introvert. But then again, I do love people, and I did enjoy that Make'n'Take......

Augh! Too much to think about!!!

At the end of the meeting, I ran upstairs and packed up the last of my stuff and trucked it out to my car. Then I remembered that there were still some things I wanted to buy at the Pro Shop. I definitely wanted more of that incredible Colossal paper, because I loved those Pass Portfolios so much. I ran to the Pro Shop and grabbed some stuff, and then it was time for class. But I was a bum, because the tools were out for the Make'n'Takes, and I looked at that big, clear, clean table top, and I thought, "Bay, all of the tables at your house are covered up with stuff. You should make another Pass Portfolio now! While you have a space for this big gorgeous piece of Colossal paper!!!"

So... yeah. I totally whipped out a piece of paper, grabbed a bone folder and a ruler, and I absolutely folded myself another Pass Portfolio -- using the light Written Word paper. WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

I can make the mattes at home, right? Riiiiiiiiiiight. Just as soon as I clear off my scrapping table. ;)

Then I ran to class, and because I was the last one there, I sat at the back table. It was the only class that I didn't sit with Staci, and I really missed her!!!! When I dropped ink pads on myself or glued things to tables, she never laughed at me. She was really nice!!! Of course, no one laughed at me at the back table... but that's because I was by myself... and sooooo looooonelyyyyyyy.... sniffle!

Karen was teaching the stencil class, and I love the little technique tag chain that we made. I love the ColorBox Stylus tool -- I own four or five, and I don't know how many sponge tips. I keep oodles of them on hand because I don't like dirty tips. Ink is so much fun to play with, and I thought it was very dramatic to do all the stenciling in one shade of ink. I can't believe I finished all of the tags, but that was fun. And I *loved* hearing the non-CS'ers ooh'ing and ah'ing over every single technique they learned!

From that class, we got EIGHT Club Scrap stencils, and the tag thingie, and dang it, that was *fun*!!!

By the time we finished, the scents of lunch were wafting back to us, and I could smell broccoli, which I love, and I was sooooooo hungry. ROFL!!!! My mouth was watering! At the same time, I knew that lunch was the last thing on the Retreat itinerary, and I was sad. I knew I would miss all my new friends. I wanted to sit with Dawn and her sister again, but my table was already taken up. :(

Lunch was a scrumptious, light affair with a salad and baked potato bar. The toppings included butter, sour cream, salsa, grilled chicken chunks, and I forget what else. Cheese! Of course. And the steamed broccoli. I loaded my plate and hoped I didn't look like too much of a glutton. Dessert was cookies and fruit. Oh, those oatmeal raisin cookies!!!! I wish I had one now!

Dinah closed the Retreat with a few remarks -- she announced three new members who joined CS right there at the Retreat, and she, Karen, and Nikki handed out MORE GOODIES. I was floored! I had no idea we would get presents at the very end! We all got a big pack of Design Classics paper, and the ladies at my table -- the cropping group from Alabama in matching pink shirts -- went through every last piece of paper, ooh'ing and ah'ing with delight. And we got a discount code for shopping in the GHM! Dept. when we get home for... a little while after the Retreat ended. I can't remember if it's a week or two weeks! Duh, me!

As the Retreat came to an official end, I surprised myself by not crying. Not once! Not a single tear! OK, maybe one or two. I couldn't find Lisa and her daughter Holly to say goodbye. I guess I'm just going to have to go back to Walton County, Georgia and say goodbye in person!

I took my class kit in my big red CS bag -- which had become *way* heavier than it had been on my way *to* the Rolling Retreat -- and my big brown paper bag o' Pro Shop purchases to my car, and then I went back inside, saying goodbye to people who were on their way out. Sniffle!!!! I looked and looked for Lisa, but to no avail -- she had already left during the last workshop. :(

In the hallway, I ran into Andy and Kim to say goodbye -- but I hope not for long, because they live in Atlanta, and that's not far away -- and that's when I found out that Kim already signed on the dotted line -- she's a Food For Craft Crafter!!!!! Go, Kim!!!!!!!!! I know she's going to be wonderful.

And then I joined Nikki, Dinah, Karen, Staci, and Shona in breaking down everything and packing it away. The CSHQ girls kept telling me I didn't *have* to help, but I helped out at one convention, and I know it's quite a task. Come to think of it, I kind of wish I had gotten there early to help them set up -- it's really a lot harder to unpack than to pack. Cuz at the end, there's less stuff to pack! It's all going home with happy Retreat attendees!!!!

We had fun, and someone put early 80's music on the iPod. What a blast from the past! There were so many songs from when I was in high school, it was kinda freakin' me out. That made the time pass quickly, and I *hope* that I was some assistance. I kind of rattled around and didn't know what to do. At one point, I was putting UM's back in their binders, and I totally mixed up the months and the symbols. Duh! Karen cleared up the confusion for me, and I put the months in one binder and the symbols in the other.

Before we finished, Shona's husband came to pick her up, and her darlin' kids were just the cutest little things in the world! I've forgotten what it's like to be around *little* children. My kids are teenagers. Shona's children were polite and cuuuuuuuuute, cute cute!

I think we made quick work of the packing -- I hope we did, anyway. Nikki wanted a nap, and Dinah and Karen were drooping a little bit, too. We all said our goodbyes, and then....

Yep. It was officially over. I hopped into my happy blue Prius while Staci was driving away in her happy red Prius, and we hit the road.

And all I can think is... I've *got* to fall into a bucket of money so I can go to a Main Retreat! I've just *got* to. I love Wisconsin in August! But September sounds really nice, too!!!! Quick, y'all, what can I do to find the moolah for another Main Retreat? Should I sell my stash? Or... should I sell CS's stash????


Quick Recap of Sunday RR Goodies:
- 8 stencils and a tag booklet o' techniques!
- BIG pack o' luscious CS paper!
- GHM coupon!
- And getting to spend just a little more time with all the lovely attendees!!!!

So if you were on the fence about attending a Rolling Retreat near you, get off that fence! It's an amazing experience and easily as great a value for your dollar as Main Retreat. And you absolutely can't put a pricetag on friendship, you know you can't.

Go! And when you've gone, please let me know if you were in the special group. B for Best!


At 10/4/07 5:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bay, thanks for the wonderful update on the RR. I wasn't able to make it (I went to Scrap Etc in Birmingham March 16-18, I just can't do two events that close together).
You should sign up for the main retreat. I'm going in October.

I met Shona at a banquet in January, she drove up from Atlanta since there isn't a FFC in our state. She is such a sweetie


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