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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I made LOTS of doodads

I'm about to post my trip report from the Club Scrap Rolling Retreat in Knoxville. I just wanted to warn y'all, because I know some of you subscribe to the blog. (And thank you! That's really sweet, considering how lackadaisical I've become about blogging!) The warning is this: When I pasted the five parts of the report into a Word document, it was 16 pages long. Y'all know me. I never take the shortest route through any trip report. Still, it's kind of daunting when you think, "Sixteen pages... single-spaced."

And I still need to take pictures of the stuff I made. Oh, wait! I have a card I can upload. This wasn't one of the Retreat projects -- this was something I made on my own during the first evening of free time. I love the Retro kit papers; I love the Mocha Java Remix unmounted stamps!


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