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Friday, December 22, 2006

Amy's home!!!

There are two reasons for tonight's post --

1. Amy's home!!!!! And that makes me happy all by itself!!!!

2. Just in case you're a podcast listener and you wondered where the new show is... Errrrr, Amy was on a plane last night, and I don't have podcast publishing software, anyway. And I don't know how to put updates on the Grits to Glitz website. I'm sorry! We have the info for the fabulous recipe contest, and we *absolutely* would have posted a note about it on the homepage for our loyal listeners.... but I'm stuppid and Amy is without Internet service. Eek!!!

Tonight was just too short a visit with Amy, but I'll get to see her tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow... and not one of them will creep in a petty pace. This holiday visit will be over in a blink. Darn it!

In the meantime, though, I have to say -- it's fabulous to see my sister again!


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