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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Can't stay

What's playing on the iPod right now: "Stay" by Sarah Bettens

It's January 2nd -- well, really, it's the 3rd now -- and I have spent 50% of my Christmas moolah. I was extraordinarily lucky this year. Even thought I am tired of Christmas and really want to just skip it for the next six years or so, I have a generous sister (and a surprisingly generous MIL), and they gave me a ton of moolah for spending. WOOO HOOO!!!!! I love shopping.

So far, I've purchased a pair of winter Crocs, some songs on iTunes (even though I hate Apple service and wish I could figure out how to boycott them because they're so awful in terms of customer service), and some lovely glass beads. Yay! Crocs and music and glass beads -- what else does a girl need?

Chocolate? Oh, yeah, I got chocolate for Christmas.

Anyway, most of the music I bought from iTunes reminds me of summertime. "Stay," for instance -- the first time I heard it, we were on vacation in South Carolina. It was an incredibly hot, humid, August day on Edisto Island, and we were driving around after dinner when it came on the really good radio station from Hilton Head. (I never want to stay on Hilton Head, but I do like the radio station!) I can't believe that's been more than a year ago. Summer lasts forever in my head and scrapbook. Thank heaven for photos! I can actually picture the house, the marsh, the roads, and the sweltering summer heat. Time flies when you're ... not on vacation.

Here's to 2007. I know it won't stick around any longer than 2005 or 2006 did. I'll find new musicians to adore. Maybe Rachael Yamagata will release a new album. (Please, lord, please let Rachael thrive.) I'll make more stuff covered with beads (thanks to my Christmas moolah!) and maybe I'll even get back into scrapbooking. (Don't hold your breath.) I'm not giving up on crafts... I'm just giving up on magazines with a brain.

And... I'm sorry; I can't stay. I have so much to do! I was cast in the readings of the plays for the Tennessee Stage Company's New Play Festival. Thank heaven! It was definitely time to do something theatrical again. I love applause!


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