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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Six & a half years later...

Six and a half years after beginning scrap- booking (the right way), I finally got something accomp- lished.

It may not seem like much to you, but four gorgeous pages in one sitting?

This rocks.

The top 2-page spread contains ALL of the surviving [moose snot] photos from our first family trip to Walt Disney World. No, it ain't art -- but those are the best memories of May, 1996. And I've finally got them on a scrapbook page, so they'll last a couple of generations -- at the very least.

The bottom layout are the only two pictures from a summer day in 1973. That's my first bike. That little smock top was my mother's favorite garment in my entire wardrobe. And I've even squeezed in a little journaling about both items.

Last page -- Woodrow. I wish he would stop growing up.

Now, tell me any one of these pages is less fabulous because I didn't make it on assignment from a magazine or agonize two weeks over each tiny detail.

That's what I thought.


At 12/4/07 11:50 PM, Blogger Roz said...

Bay, I have to say that even your fastest, less agonized pieces are still more artistic than almost anyone's I've ever seen. I love your use of colors. I like the way you place photos on the page. If anyone would dare to say that scrapping is not an artform, I would simply point them to you.



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