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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Night life in the boonies

I keep forgetting to take pictures of the irises during magic hour. I think of it at noon, when the sun is the most unforgiving and unflattering, and then I think of it again when I'm putting the dinner dishes in the sink and it's already too dark.


So here's a night time photo of the nearest iris to my house. I finally used the flash! It is a good one, as far as flashes go. I just really don't like 'em.

Every night, very late -- very, very late -- I usually get tired of being cooped up inside and run outside to breathe in the fresh night air. It smells really good outside right now, even though the cheese farm down the road is definitely fertilizing its fields. I captured a whiff of that particular rural scent earlier today -- nothing like tons and tons of cow poo flying out of a scary machine on the horizon. Wesley confirmed the fertilizing when he came home from the store with flowers for his mother.

But! I'm not s'posed to be writing about the stinky stuff over the hill. I'm s'posed to be writing about how delicious it smells in my own yard. At midnight, it smells like -- freshly cut grass with a hint of wild onion and blooming peonies. It smells like chlorophyll. And it's cool, clean, and fresh, and delicious.

I wish I slept outdoors in the spring. Even with the pollen making me sneeze, it's so much better out there than cooped up in the dusty old house.


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