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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Getting over my pique

I said I'd keep altering it, and I kep' my word. Tomorrow, I just might seal it all up.

After I add some micro glass beads, that is. I am a pure sucker for glass.

Anyway, Friday was spent entirely in the pursuit of healthy teeth. I arrived at my dentist's office 7 minutes late. Before I got there, I called ahead to tell them that I was running late. Then I spent 12 minute knocking on a door and worrying that I had gotten the date wrong. See, since I am so special, they had scheduled me for a Friday, their day off. That way, I was the only patient in the whole office.

Yeah, I'm special.

It was not fun. On the other hand, it wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be.

(I mean, seriously, my last dentist threw great parties, but his work has totally sucked so far. So I thought that when my new dentist pulled off this leaking front cantilever bridge, he would also discover 8 abscesses. Thank heaven, he didn't.)

On the other hand, my new dentist gave me front teeth that look like... well, normal people's teeth. I have had too-short, abnormally blunted teeth since I was 11 years old and had old-fashioned braces back in the dark ages of orthodontia. I don't know who thought it would be cool to grind off my teeth so much, but they did, and I haven't been normal since.

Dr. Simpson pointed out that most people have front teeth that are 9 to 11 millimeters in length. I had 8 mm teeth.

So he did special and extra-painful things to me to give me longer, more natural front teeth.

I now have long front teeth.

My husband, poor thing, woke up at 3:00, just when I was falling asleep from the pain meds. I told him, "I have rabbit teeth like you now," and then I fell fast asleep, so he hasn't even seen them yet.

(That's because he went to work at 5:15 pm, when I was still asleep and recovering from my dental trauma.)

(Grown-ups work ungodly hours if they want to support their families, y'know. Don't judge.)

Anyway, I did keep altering the Tink notebook. I'm afraid Amy will smack me. The last version I posted was cute. This version is stamped with the elemental table and other stuff, which isn't quite as darlin'. Please forgive me, Yamy! I just couldn't stop where I was!

Now I'm asleep. Saturday, I hope to wake up early enough to scout out the haps at the roadside flea market in Sweetwater. We Lofti hope to vacay in Edisto this coming September, but I surely would love to meet my girls in Disney World in November, too. So I must sell some paper goods. Stay tuned!


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