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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A betrayal. Of sorts.

My mother waged a war against an invasive plant called privet hedge for as long as I can remember. She hated the stuff. If it sprang up in her yard, she would break out the maddock and start chopping up the shrub in an attempt to eradicate the roots from the earth.

I mean, seriously. Mama spent a lot of energy fussing about and trying to kill privet hedge.

So I feel very guilty to confess that -- darn it, I love the way privet hedge smells when it's in bloom. And it's in bloom right now. As I take my daily walks in the park, I inhale deeply at the parts of the trail that pass closely to out-of-control thickets of massive privet shrubs.

(In a couple of years, the privet will probably overtake the rest of the park. It is an invasive plant, after all.)

I can't help it -- I really do love the way the trail smells right now. I wonder if it will change as the summer progresses.

Today's hike revealed a light green, slender snake that had been run over. I mourn the loss -- no telling how many mosquitoes that snake could've eaten this coming June.

But at least I had a little bouquet of flowers to console me -- maybe Wesley is taking advice from the cereal box? I don't mind! It was a nice surprise to find myself with some blooms in the living room.


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