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Friday, May 23, 2008

Bad mood blogging

I don't have an image for tonight's post. Hell, I shouldn't even be awake for tonight's post, but here I am.

I finally looked at my calendar today and discovered that I missed a deadline and blew it with my favorite client.

While looking at my neglected calendar, I discovered that I have to go to the dentist tomorrow morning -- insanely early in the morning -- for more major dental work, which I would really rather just go ahead and shoot myself in the foot than have.

I recently gave up drinking. Did I mention that? Yep. I gave up my usual midnight cocktail. I figured I didn't need the extra calories. It wasn't any moral thing. I just figured, y'know, since I'm working out and avoiding fat and sugar, maybe I should also do away with the 8 bazillion calories in the average White Russian.

So I found out I have the Big Dental Appointment, and I went straight to Knoxville and bought everything I need to make major White Russians.

Damn the calories. I want something to get me through the next couple of days of pain and suffering.

Now I should be asleep, and instead, I'm narrating "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" for my cat. Hector really doesn't care all that much. I, on the other hand, am utterly blown away by the special effects as if I've never seen this movie before.

So here's what hacks me off tonight:
- I have to go to the dentist for hours and hours and it'll be expensive and it'll hurt for days.
- I don't even like my dentist. I wouldn't hang out with him in real life. I loved my last dentist, but it turns out he was a great guy who wasn't a great dentist, and now I'm not sure which attribute is better to have: Being sweet or being proficient.
- Mostly because I am sweet, but not at all proficient, and that makes me doubt my worth.
- I'm not sleepy.
- No one else in my family appreciates the taste treat that is Oreos and orange juice.
- I blew it on that newsletter.
- I've never seen "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" with subtitles. And everyone knows the only way to see a foreign film is with subtitles.
- I still don't have a dog.
- I didn't go walking today. I should have gone. But I was too busy feeling sorry for myself. Tomorrow, after my dental appointment from hell, I will not want to go walking, and then I will feel that much worse.
- And I have fire ants! I have fire ants in my porte cochere! I live in Tennessee, for heaven's sake, and every year as I watch the growing smears of red clay fire ants hills on each side of the road, I wonder how this came to be. I remember what fire ants were like in my Mississippi cousins' yards. How could those insects have moved so far north? Why do I have to worry about eradicating these things from my Tennessee yard? What is going on with the world, anyway???

The weekend must be better.


At 23/5/08 1:10 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Good mood motivations:
- Plan where we'll eat in Las Vegas in less than a month.
- Plan where we'll shop in Las Vegas.
- Plan to watch Bette Midler in Las Vegas.

Just start thinking Vegas in general. When the dentist starts asking you questions while your mouth is full of stainless steel instruments, try telling him, "I'm going to see Bette Midler in Las Vegas and you aren't, you personality-impaired hack. I hope your next patient is a great white shark with gingivitis."

Just don't enunciate. Them dentists have had a lot of practice translating instrument-impaired speech.


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