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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Warning: Brush your teeth.

The weather is great; the spring is progressing normally; I am healthy; and I heard both the baby hawk and the mother hawk the last couple of days on my walk. Poor mother hawk. She thought she had put her nest in such a remote, unused location, and now I have to come along and gang her best-laid plans agley.

All the squawking, flapping, and general all-purpose flipping out -- every time I hit that corner in the path, she has to squawk and fly away to get me to move away from her nest.

The nest, though, is 'way at the top of a big, tall old tree, and I'm not about to climb it just to poke at a baby hawk.

OK. Maybe I would if I could. But I can't. Yet.

So I was bored this afternoon, and I found an old Tinker Bell notebook that was kind of ugly. And I altered it. For it to look so very precious and cuuuuuuuute (toothache, anyone?), it surely started out sour and kind of, well, bad-acid-trippy.

Not that I've ever had a bad acid trip. I wouldn't know a bad one from a good one.

The original colors were hot pink and purple, and Tink's skin was light blue, her hair was bright blue, and her eyes were -- orange. Yes. Orange. I never understood that.

So I painted the thing with glossy white acrylic paint, spritzed it with fuchsia Glimmer Mist, then pressed a cut-out Tink image I salvaged from a coffee-stained old notepad at the bottom of the junk drawer into the wet paint. While I waited for that to dry, I punched flowers from various bits of paper and cardstock I found around the house, and yep, I spritzed more with Glimmer Mist.

(If you're a Club Scrap member, then I should confess that one flower is a lone Nature's Wonders punch-out flower. I'm sure you know which one that one is. And the rest of the papers are some Simply Beautiful scraps, Bistro yellow trapezoids cut by hand, and ... junk mail papers. I'm sorry. Some of that stuff would never grace a Club Scrap pizza box.)

Tomorrow I might add some stamping. I just can't stop now. This is too much fun!

Note: I have no idea why there are grey pits in the white acrylic paint. I'm just guessing that something in the mist spray is like alcohol or acetone and that's what pitted the paint. It's still a really cool effect.


At 22/5/08 1:39 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Dang, Bay!

I really like this! I mean, I really like this! I always appreciate your artistic talent, but this transformation makes my heart sing. You own all the bombness! All the bombness are belong to you!


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