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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Too much excitement

Amy was in a car accident and scared me half to death!

No one was hurt, thank heaven. And the accident wasn't Amy's fault, as deemed by the Las Vegas Police Department. The other driver turned left directly into Amy's path. The wreck was her fault.

Amy's OK, her car may or may not be toast, and that kind of stuff there, but this in no way makes me feel less like getting the next flight to Las Vegas to make sure Amy's OK myself.

Right. Now I just have to practice my deep breathing exercises -- relaaaaaaaax, relaaaaaaaaax, relaaaaaaa -- screw that, I'm having conniptions!!!! I wanna go see my stister and make sure she's all right!

At the *very* least, I would take her some Waldorf salad.


At 25/8/06 12:51 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Hey, stop worrying. I'm fine! I'm...well, a little light-headed. it getting dark in here?

No, no, don't worry. I'm sure that you have important things to do to plan for your vaca--ow! Ow! Oh! I just...well, it was a tiny little twinge in the vicinity of my heart. I'm sure it's nothing, though. Nothing to be alarmed about. Hey, look! I found a flight from there to here for only $536! That's a mere pittance!

So that Waldorf salad has raisins and pecans, right? Just curious.

At 25/8/06 1:20 AM, Blogger Bay in TN said...

Waldorf salad always has raisins and pecans. That's part of what makes it Waldorf salad. If you just had apples and mayonnaise, it would be... cheap, greasy applesauce.


At 1/9/06 4:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

{{((Hugs}})) to Amy. I'm glad she's okay.

I think you should go visit her to make sure. Drive out there with the kids and make it into a hs adventure!

They can meet all my friends who would give them a different kind of education.

Just think of the possibilities.



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