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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Project Runway, Ep 6

I'll try to be coherent, but don't count on it.

First of all, Jeffrey's dress was NOT all that and a bag of chips. I liked the construction, but I hated the paint. It was newsprint. Scrapbookers know 80 different ways to stain paper and come up with a better (and more interesting) color palette than Jeffrey's dull, opaque paint colors. Heck, he could have dilluted the paints with water for a more interesting look! To me, the acrylic paints detracted enormously from the design, and really, Jeffrey's dress was just as much of a disaster as Kayne's.

Ugh, Jeffrey. He's as irritating and egotistical as Keith was!

Vincent -- an absolute disaster from start to finish. The only reason he's still there is because the producers think Project Runway fans are about the drama. We're not! We're about the fashion!!!!!

Kayne -- Now, look, y'all, the first skirt was really cute! OK, yes, it was... loud. But hey, I can't paint a flower as pretty as the one on the original Kayne skirt. I also thought Kayne really rallied and pulled off a mostly pretty, fashionable look for the dress that went down the runway. Sure, he was in the bottom three, but that was only because the judges couldn't see that Jeffrey's dress was fugly.

Robert -- MEeeeeee-OW! ROFL! We knew Robert could be catty when he dished about Isaac Mizrahi in the premiere, but wow, he really let his claws hang out in this episode! It was hilarious and dishy!! As for his dress, it was anything but boring, and I'm so glad Robert didn't have to endure the Catwalk of Shame this week.

Laura -- Talk about the opposite of wallflower -- isn't Laura the dishiest? She tries to put things nicely, but she just fails all the way around. I love her designs for the most part, but I'm also aware that her style is so classic and elegant and simple -- it's all been done before. Like, *decades* ago. The moment that Alison was auf'ed and Laura immediately attacked Vincent, I knew her heart was in the right place, but her mouth was headed off in the wrong direction. She *meant* to be saying, "Alison, you shouldn't have been auf'ed." Instead, she went off on Vincent. In her mind, she probably thought that her tirade was the exact same thing as a soothing comment to the auf'ed designer. She wasn't correct. But dang, I really do have to say that I don't believe she meant to be mean. To anyone. She just doesn't have the communication skills necessary to play nice.
P.S. -- Her dress was cute.

Uli -- Was Uli in this competition? I totally can't remember her dress. Did it have a halter top?

Angela -- How *very * interesting was it that the producers didn't show Angela's dress until it was on the runway? She said, "I'm gonna quilty quilty quilty," or something like that, and then we didn't see her until her dress was getting a pass from the judges. I didn't like it. But hey, that's just me.

Michael -- I continue to just adore Michael, and this week didn't alter a single vestige of my love for him. He's nice. He's good. He's hilarious (like when he told Laura to stop while he was being a beat-box and she was almost white-chick dancing). But best of all, he's an incredible *designer*. Go Michael!!!!! I love it that he won this challenge!

Alison -- Now, look, as a paper crafter, I thought Alison's dress was amazing and incredible. She's also mostly nice (except when she's snarking about Laura's riding habit) and she was the only person that Keith said was still nice to him after he got kicked off for breaking the rules like a madman. She was always entirely too pretty and enviable to be a fashion designer, but hey, she had skills and was always interesting to watch without being completely insane.

Which brings us back to -- Vincent.

Straitjacket. That's all I can say.

The producers are insane. The judges were influenced by the producers. The fans of Project Runway -- those of us who have loved it from the beginning -- are not the mindless sheep of network reality programming. We don't care about drama. We care about *fashion*. And what happened tonight was the most egregious, most upsetting mistake of the last three seasons. Anyone with half a brain should have loved what Alison did with her pretty, textural, sculptural paper dress. And what Vincent made -- what he *infringed* on the viewing public -- surely was more deserving of a vicious "auf" than Alison's little frock.

So tonight's show makes me sad. I should be happy -- my beloved Michael won again, and he so deserves it! -- but instead I'm sad because Vincent will be on my TV again next week. This show is insane. When will the producers come to their senses?

Can't wait for next week's show. I'm hoping Vincent doesn't make it the whole hour. Or Jeffrey. Either one would make me jump up and down and clap my hands together in rapture.


At 18/8/06 4:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

gI like Laura! Notice that she doesn't talk about her kids much?

At 19/8/06 4:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Allison was robbed, and Vincent is a nutball.

It's episodes like this one that remind me that we're watching a TV show. I guess they think Vincent is good TV.

I just think he's a nutball.

p.s. Jeffrey's neck scares me something fierce.


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