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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Peace, quiet, & Project Runway Ep 5!!!

The answer to Dennis' pressure washer came in the form of some water line and yard work being done in my backyard -- and the guys parked the back hoe right next to the fence that Dennis was going to be cleaning! YAY! Peace and quiet in the afternoons!

Poor Dennis -- he's having palpitations, but I bet he found something on the other side of his yard to clean with the pressure washer. Tee hee!

Now on to more important matters -- MICHAEL WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sniffle. I'm so proud and happy. Michael's my favorite. From the coffee-filter dress in the first episode and through two team challenges, his work has been fabulous. *And* he talks to his mama as if he likes and respects her, as a good Southern man should do. And finally the judges are recognizing his genius! Go, Michael! Also, I could totally see Pam Greer wearing that hot, hot pink, hot pants outfit. Michael rocks!!!! I might actually buy a copy of Elle magazine just to see Michael's Tresemme ad!

I thought the twist of having the models choose a designer was interesting and really very nice -- I've thought all along that the poor models really have absolutely no power over their competition. So it was great to see the models mixing it up and choosing for whom they would be modeling, and I thought they did a great job of choosing designers whose work inspired them.

As for the "icons" challenge, I was surprised at some of the people who got a pass with simply awful designs. (Jeffrey.) (His "updated" Madonna look was too last century, and she would never re-do anything she did twenty years ago.)

When it came to the bottom three, I knew scruffy Bradley would be going home. He made two pairs of pants in two consecutive challenges that had significant construction problems, and he didn't have a clue what Cher is all about. Robert needs to smack Bradley over the head with a Bob Mackie Barbie! But I'll miss Bradley's bon mots -- he grew on me with his sweet, self-depracating quips.

Speaking of Robert -- honey! Robert, baby! He is NOT BORING. He's just in a tiny, little slump. This builds the drama and anticipation, and I'm still rooting for Robert to be in the final three with Michael.

I cannot wait for next week. They didn't show proper previews for the next challenge, but a kind of "next few episodes" sort of preview. I'm disappointed. I wanna know what happens next week! I wanna start guessing that Jeffrey or Vincent gets the boot!

Before I go, I have to quote my favorite post on the Television Without Pity boards about *last* week's show, by an unknown but smart poster:
"Keith, Angela has immunity. I BLAME YOU."

Oh, yeah, baby, pins and needles!


At 10/8/06 10:51 AM, Blogger Chanel (nbr5) said...

Woo-hoo! From another Michael fan! I COMPLETELY forgot how sweet it was that he called his mom during the competition! I love my mom too and try to keep her in the loop... I agree with you on Jeffrey, he needs to go. And I was sad to see Bradley leave, he seemed like a sweetheart...


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