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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Rant without a cause


This is the third time since Wednesday night that I've tried to come up with something worth blogging. I should find a meme somewhere and just do that! Oh, wait, I don't know where any memes are. Phooey!

OK, you're stuck with my empty brain.

I wanted to take pictures of flowers -- even though, really, August flowers irritate me. It's all red stuff, no pink or white or blue. When it comes to the blooming world, May rocks. August stinks. (Even my mother used to complain about how August's flowers are all red and hot-looking. We both hated canna lilies, which bloom in profusion here this time of year.)

But it's so dang stinkin' hot and humid, I can't stand to be outside long enough to find non-red flowers for photos. Dang!


Yeah, you heard it here... first. Maybe.

All I can say is that making your first eBay auction is the most stressful thing I've encountered all summer long. I actually *cried* while trying to make my first listing last night. It was horrid and traumatic! I even made my sister Amy -- who was *incredibly* busy at the time -- help me with my stupid eBay auction listing. There's *got* to be a better way!

Check with me if I'm still complaining this time next week, would you? I would appreciate it.

As usual, Amy and I published our fourth episode of our Grits to Glitz podcast on Thursday -- we got a lot of new hits thanks to listeners of The Strip Podcast. We are *huge* fans of The Strip. Steve and Miles rock, and you wouldn't believe their last episode. Chubby Checker is nutty! And I don't mean in a good way. Oh, wait, I forgot to plug our own podcast. We had a voice mail that we could play on the air -- yaaaaaaayyyyyy!

So -- I wish I could say that I wrote fabulous poetry this week, or that my hair is gorgeous, or that one of my children discovered the cure for cancer, but all I've got, really, is eBay is a pain, and it's stinkin' hot.

Anyone else *really* looking forward to Wednesday night?


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