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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I need an iPod

Podcasting is the *bomb*. It owns the bombness. It's so cool, I can't even begin to describe the coolness of it all. Furthermore, it's cool in that I am discovering so many other podcasts that I love love love.

I've said it before -- heck, there's a link over there on the right that points to The Strip Podcast -- but it bears repeating. Repeatedly. Steve and Miles rock. They do celebrity interviews, Las Vegas news, and the Top Secret Tourist Tip of the Week, and the whole show just totally rocks. I think The Strip will always be my favorite podcast.

But when Amy and I started our podcast, we decided to do a little segment every week to point to another fabulous podcast. And it's really hard sometimes to decide which podcast gets the glory! However, once we've designated a "podcast of the week," I find myself totally addicted to that podcast. If I keep listening to *all* these podcasts, and if we keep finding new ones every week, I'll eventually have to give up watching TV and leaving the house. Why? Because I don't even *own* an iPod -- I listen on the computer! It's very cumbersome.

So I'm sharing the joy -- here are all my favorite podcasts, and why I love them:
1. Tim Gunn's Project Runway podcast -- Oh, you know why I love it. Tim's voice. Tim's style. Tim's dishy behind-the-scenes insider gossip!!!! I listen to it either late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning to find out what *really* happened during the taping of each luscious TV episode!

2. 5 Questions -- This show should come with a label, "Warning -- Highly Addictive." Host Greg Demetrick publishes five (usually themed) questions and invites listeners to be the stars of the show with their answers. He has some fascinating listeners! I love the stories they tell! With so many different perspectives and experiences, this show is sometimes serious, sometimes hilarious, and always thought-provoking. I listen to it as soon as it publishes, which has turned into every other week because Greg's so brilliant and so in-demand in the podcasting world. He's going to be speaking about podcasting at Dragon*Con in Atlanta at the end of this month. My daughter is going to be there. I am jealous of my own baby girl!!!! She says she's going to seek Greg out and get me an autograph. Dang!

3. How Much Do We Love...? -- I'll be honest -- this podcast is the one that is most like what Amy and I wanted to do with our podcast. Sara and Rob are best friends, they're podcasting from separate states, and they simply talk about stuff they *love*. It wouldn't be so fabulous if it weren't for their wonderful personalities and yummy chemistry. They're just so much fun! And! They're so positive. It's so good to hear such a nice podcast, full of love and camaraderie and laughter. I want to be Sara and Rob when I grow up!

4. The Petcast -- Steve Friess (half of The Strip Podcast) and co-host Emily Richmond focus on pets and their humans. Really, they focus on dogs, but the cat lovers are definitely representin' these days! (Yeah, OK, I'm one of 'em.) This is a homey, warm, loveable show, kinda like the way everyone feels about their pets in general. It publishes twice a week and is well worth the 30-minute investment of your time. Anyone want to get into a debate about how wretched and torturous it is to de-claw a cat? Hmmmmmm, let's check with my mother-in-law....

All of these podcasts can be found on iTunes, which is how I subscribe and listen to all my favorite podcasts except for Tim Gunn's and the Strip. I can't wait that long when it comes to Tim's Take -- and I always go to the chat room on Thursday nights to hear Steve and Miles record The Strip.

(OK -- for clarity -- I also subscribe to The Strip on iTunes so I can hear the edited version of the show, but I love being able to chat and listen while they record the show, so I guess I listen to each show twice, and it's always a great show, so it's not like it's boring to hear it twice.)

Oh, wait, I almost forgot -- As of Episode 6 (which still doesn't totally suck!), I can add Grits to Glitz to my list of favorite podcasts. I think we might be getting the hang of this thing!

Now... does anyone know where I can get a good deal on an iPod?

Note added: I forgot -- many of the readers of this blog are still into scrapbooking. There is at least one podcast about scrapbooking; you can find it at . I haven't listened to it, so I can't recommend it one way or the other. If you know of a *great* scrapbooking podcast -- audio, not video -- please let me know!


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