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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dang it!

Not fair, Not Fair, NOT FAIR!!!

Wesley went to the Bonefish Grill this evening with his dad and Woodrow, and he TRIED to bring me back a nice dinner. (Note: If he hadn't suddenly sprung his going-out-with-his-dad plans on me, I was going to make roast beef and real yeast rolls for dinner, which would have been a totally fabulous and completely scrumptious meal, because I'm not a bad cook.)

Stupid Bonefish Grill soaked my salad with dressing (EW! who *does* that???), and then they packed it smack in the middle of four hot entree boxes, which effectively COOKED the overdressed salad -- sliiiiiiiiimy and hot, ew, ew, ew!!!

AND -- not only did they steam my crabcakes, but they totally forgot to put any lemon with it. The whole thing was entirely inedible -- and the worst part was, I was the only one who got screwed. *Everyone* else got exactly what they wanted, exactly the way they wanted it.

I didn't get anything. I ran out to stupid Krystal -- twenty frickin' miles away -- and got stupid Krystals for dinner. Guess what? The fries were burnt and cold. They didn't have Diet Dr. Pepper (although the Krystal's in Athens has it).

Now, I know that once upon a time (about four hundred years ago) cooked salads were all the rage. But then again, that was also a time period during which lice infestations were just a fact of life. Frankly, we're better off with crisp, cool salads and louse-free scalps. I'm just sayin'. Is all. Civilization is supposed to mean I get a decent salad and hot, crunchy crabcake with lemon for dinner. Isn't it? I mean, am I wrong about that?

No, I didn't think so. It's just NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!

I swear, tomorrow, I want wok-seared lamb from P.F. Chang's, and I am not taking "I don't feel like driving that far" for an answer!

As God is my witness, I shall never go hungry-- ... Whoops, sorry, I got carried away there. A bit. That line is better uttered against a dark sunset backdrop, anyway.


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