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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Das tausendshcone Jungfraulein!

OK, more about the iPod, which has had quite an interesting life. I don't know how your iPod came to you, but mine came to me via the Apple Certified Reconditioned Product store, which is a darned smart way to get an affordable iPod.

The thing is, when I fired 'er up, she spoke German. Now, that is one freaky situation to be in! The only German I know, I learned in voice lessons. Thus the title above -- that's a line from a Brahms song, "Sonntag," and it means, "The thousandfold beautiful young maiden!" And that is *so* my new iPod.

Amy commented yesterday while I was ranting and raving about the iPod -- "she's tired, she's resting, she's in a new country where no one speaks her language, and she's afraid of rejection" -- that female iPods are rare. That was it. I had to name my iPod. After I bought her a nice, protective case (in white leather, thank you, Belkin), I came home and did some research.

Her name is Fraulein Callan. According to at least one German baby name dictionary, it means "chatter." ROFL!

Welcome home, Fraulein Callan -- I'm not going to undermine her self-esteem by rejecting her like her last owner!


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