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Friday, May 18, 2012

Nomenclatural pursuits

Tomorrow is the International Biscuit Festival, and I am crushed. Wesley has been asked to work tomorrow morning. I was looking forward to attending with Wesley *so* much. He never gets to do anything fun. I still plan to go with the kids and Doris, but it will not be the same. Sniffle.

The photo above is the best shot I've gotten yet of our new office fish. I named them Icabod and Shoe Polish. Icabod is plain yellow, but Shoe Polish has tiny scales of iridescent green. A co-worker gave me a hard time because, she said, "They're both girls!" I countered that Shoe Polish doesn't mind her clearly masculine name. The irony was lost on my audience. 

Then baby fish started showing up in the tank, and another co-worker -- who should know better! -- complained that we had bought pregnant fish. I exclaimed, "Fish do not gestate! They lay eggs!" Then my learned colleague complained that they could not be laying eggs that resulted in baby fish because they're both girls. At this point, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Clearly, one of those fish IS male, and I'm betting it's the plainly colored Icabod.

No one in the office adequately appreciates my gift for naming things. I am making a list of names for future fish: Ermengarde and Right Guard for the next pair, and Jonesy, Knick Knack, and The Tuna for the next three fish. Jonesy, Knick Knack, and The Tuna are clearly a vicious clique, but the grouping of names trips my zizz wheel so much, I'm thinking about adding it to my list of possible rock band names. 

Yes, I'm keeping a list. This was started by a conversation with Wesley a few weeks ago when we passed a field in which a cow was, ahem, urinating. I made a face and a "yuck" noise, and Wesley commented that it was perfectly natural and something that all cows do, to which I said, "Yeah, but it's copious amounts of unspecial pee."  We laughed so hard, I should have pulled over. I *did* call the voice mail for the podcast and leave myself a message so I wouldn't forget the sentence. 

Hence, Copious Amounts of Unspecial Pee will be the headliner at our outdoor rock concert of the future, with opening acts of Gateway Sexual Activity, Unforeseeably Obliterated, and now, thanks to the fish tank, Jonesy, Knick Knack, and The Tuna.

Good *heavens*, i cannot wait to see *that* show. ROFL!!!


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