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Monday, March 21, 2011

Fixin' to get ready

Years ago, Wesley and I saw a Blake Clark stand-up routine in which he quoted his brother as "Fixin' to get ready" for -- oh, I forget what. The point is, that phrase is perfectly useful for a number of Southern pursuits.

And I am, in fact, fixing to get ready.

I'm going to post my snarky cards for sale on my blog.

No, my blog doesn't have the wide readership it used to have.

Yes, Etsy is elegant and more popular.

But darn it, Etsy has the same lax attitude toward security as Facebook. I am not a fan.

So here's my personal assurance: If you buy a card from me, I promise not to tell anyone your name or address or email or PayPal info. You can count on me. I can keep secrets. I have, for instance, never told a soul what Jennifer W told me in the summer of '83 about exactly what she had or had not done with A Certain Boy at Separation Bridge between the girls' camp and the boys' camp. Never. I have NEVER told anyone. And you cannot drag that info out of me now.

(And I did tell Jenn that she absolutely could NOT get pregnant that way, too, because I am nice like that.)

So if you want to buy a snarky card -- or maybe a handmade scrapbook album or two -- then keep watching the blog. They'll appear eventually. And I'll make my PayPal info known to you then, too.


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