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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cobbler prep

I was going to blog about why I love Friday the 13ths, but I got carried away and wrote half a book. I'll save the story for another Friday the 13th.

In the meantime, I know where I'll be picking blackberries in July. And I really can't wait.

Emily has gone to the geek fest in Knoxville -- er, I mean, AdventureCon. She was dressed up and really looking forward to seeing a lot of her geeky friends. I saw a couple of guys dressed as Ghostbusters and a ninja/SWAT team guy when I dropped her off at the convention center. I also saw a little boy dressed as Indiana Jones. I think I kinda get the whole comic-con thing when you factor in the costumes. Everyone loves Halloween, after all.

But the best part of my day took place after I left the World's Fair park and went to the Old City. I finally found MagPies, Knoxville's most glorious and glamorous gourmet bakery. I've been hearing about it for years -- I even saw owner Peggy on a Food Network challenge some time ago -- but I somehow never ended up in the Old City at the right time to stop in and make a purchase.

Oh. My. God.

I should have found time before now.

Those cupcakes are far better than advertised. June's Super Deluxe flavors are Strawberry Basket, Ginger Peach, and Devil's Food. I got a mixed dozen of the minis for about $13.

The Strawberry Basket is my and Woodrow's favorite, but the Devil's Food and Ginger Peach are very closely tied for second. The Devil's Food had *dark* chocolate frosting. Pardon me while I pick my tongue up off the floor -- I keep dropping it while thinking about these cupcakes. Ginger Peach is refreshingly light and almost cleanses the palate all by itself -- it's just divine. But that Strawberry Basket defies description. Go get yourself one before June is finished.

I do not know how I'm going to keep myself from going back to MagPies over and over again. It's too far away to drive to on a whim, but, oh, I feel a whim coming on, anyway. How can I resist any business whose tagline is, "All Butter -- all the time"? I can't! I'm just not that strong.

Thank heaven!


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