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Friday, May 09, 2008

Smokies in May

I like this photo for a few reasons aside from the obvious goof that I accidentally took a picture of my elbows. Yep, this is an uncropped picture! As is! Un-retouched! What you see is what I saw!

Except I didn't notice my own darned elbows in the side mirror. Snort!

We did, indeed, pile into the beloved Prius and hie ourselves off to the Great Smoky Mountains where we hiked and picnicked without a drop of rain falling until we were on our way home. Are we good or what?

And once again, the benefits of homeschooling outweigh all the hassles -- there was hardly anyone else out there on a completely perfect weekday. It was gorgeous. There were many moments on the trail when we couldn't see or hear another human being in any direction. And that was the easiest trail in the whole dang area!

I found a wildflower with which I was not familiar, so I identified it when I got home. It's a dwarf crested iris. Pretty, isn't it? Especially growing right next to the wild strawberry blooms. Makes me want to go back in a few weeks to pick berries!

In any case, the air was gorgeous, clear, delicious, lightly cool and blessed with a bit of a breeze that made the tops of the trees talk to us while we walked.

As we drove slowly back toward Townsend with our feet sticking out the windows, I told the children that if we're given warning of the end of the world, they'll find me there in the mountains. I cannot imagine any more glorious place for life or last moments.

The heavens opened up just as we approached Maryville. It rained all afternoon -- a good, soft, soaking rain the likes of which we didn't get last year at all. Maybe a hike in the Smokies is like a rain dance.

Maybe I should do it more often.


At 9/5/08 10:45 PM, Blogger Amy said...

I gotta tell you, I'm loving the pictures! I miss the Smokies in spring! (I miss the Smokies in summer, fall, and winter, too, but spring is what I'm missing right now.)

If only you had some place to stay in the Smokies during this beautiful time of year. Some little hideaway, tucked into the side of a mountain....


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