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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Quiet house

He is Hector the Magnifico. A thread on the Club Scrap message board called for pictures of our pets, so for the first time in years, I have gone to lengths to make sure I get some good pictures of the animals while they're still, well, alive.

Hector is now almost 11 years old and is considered a "senior" cat, so the last time we took him to the vet, he got some extra tests and a little more care. He's in great shape for a giant, 20-pound cat who doesn't move more than twenty minutes a day.

My wild children went off to Tellico Plains to spend a few days with friends. The moment they walked out of the house, silence as dense as fog descended. Even the birds seem subdued. I do not like this loneliness. If this is what retirement is going to be like, I would rather adopt some kids. Or at least a pack of dogs.

Heh! A pack of dogs. That would get Hector moving, wouldn't it?


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