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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Reprieve, R&R

The governor called Miss Snark and granted a stay of execution -- the remaining 25 queries for the current Crapometer won't be finished until next weekend. Ah, sweet relief! I was gonna die, just knowing that my query is absolute crap. Now I have three more days to breathe like a normal person. Then on Saturday, I get to rip my hair out all over again. Why did I do this to myself??

While I'm passing the time, I started the project from August's Club Stamp kit (as pictured above). It's a bracelet. Woo hoo! I love beading projects. I'm supposed to make some shrink-plastic charms, but I don't know if I will. I'm scared of shrink plastic. LOL! I have some silver charms to add to it and some more beads, but in general, me likey. I don't know whether to keep it for myself or give it away!

In any case -- it's September! The weather is glorious! Tonight a thick fog rolled in, and I can't stop myself from going out to the porch to gaze at it every few minutes. The mist swirls around the porch light as if it can actually feel the heat from the lightbulb. The crickets and frogs sound muffled, almost hollow, and the street lights are the softest shade of white. There are few things as glorious as a late summer, nighttime fog in the South. Oh, how I wish autumn wouldn't come!


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