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Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Strip Podcast -- yeah, baby!

Are you like me? Do you miss Las Vegas? Are you counting down the days (weeks, months, years) until your next visit? Are you wondering what hot new shows are going to open, which glorious new casinos are in the works, and which major show-business celebs are hanging out in your favorite LV lounges?

Then you've got to start listening to The Strip Podcast.

This is it; the best locally-recorded and written podcast about the world's favorite adult playground. Steve and Miles are a couple of smart guys who love living in Las Vegas and soaking up the atmosphere, as well as seeing the shows and doing their patriotic duty to test every single bar, club, lounge, restaurant, and bar -- did I mention bar? -- in town.

More than that, Steve is a professional entertainment journalist who writes regularly for those national news magazines everyone gets. So The Strip isn't just about the gossip and the fun stuff -- there are long, beautiful, juicy, newsy interviews with real celebrities! Seriously! This week's guest was Andrew Lloyd Weber! Why? Because he's bringing yet another ALW mini-musical to LV this year! One of my favorite old podcasts was the Dennis Miller interview -- the man known for his vocabulary and wit actually told Steve and Miles at the end of his time, "Hey, man, thanks for a great interview. It was really intelligent." Dennis Miller is a fan of The Strip Podcast. I'm not surprised.

If you get really addicted to The Strip (as I have), then you need to check out the Live Chat that takes place every Thursday during the fresh Podcast. (7 pm PT, 10 pm EST.) Las Vegas enthusiasts from all over the globe drop by to chat with Steve and Miles and the rest of us groupies. (Oh, dang, I just realized -- we need a name for the groupies!)

After you've gotten your Las Vegas "fix," then we can chat about how to vote for Steve and Miles on Podcast Alley. (It's complex -- you have to search for "The Strip," and then you have to put in your email address, which is kinda scary for people who want to avoid too much spam.... but it's worth it, because then Steve and Miles will beat out the *other* Las Vegas podcast, which is chock full of jerks, misogynists, and carpetbaggers who don't love Las Vegas.)

So stop pining away for Sin City! Get a fix on your iPod right now! I promise you're gonna love the trivia questions and the Top Secret Tourist Tip of the Week!

Edited to add: To vote for The Strip on, go to this link. You won't regret it, and neither will the PodcastAlley readers -- they need help finding the bestest podcasts in the world and rely on your good taste and votes!


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