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Thursday, June 22, 2006

A prince on the air conditioner

Kiss a frog, and he'll turn into a little thing that makes a lot of noise on top of your air conditioner!

I was hanging out, listening to this week's The Strip podcast (with a great interview of Reba McIntyre, of whom I was not a fan, but I'm reconsidering based on her intelligence and overall manners in this interview), when Woodrow barreled into the office and insisted we go outside with a flashlight to find the frog.

I told him, "Those frogs are not in our yard -- they're next to the Queens' pool."

Woodrow disagreed and again invited me outside, into the night, to find the frog that was closest to our house.

So I put on my melon-colored Crocs and ventured outside to find a frog -- an activity in which I have not indulged since I passed my fifth summer at camp (at age 12).

After a few minutes of listening to the frog chorus around our neighbors' pool, I was very surprised to hear a loud, insistent croak from our yard. In fact, he sounded close to -- dare I say it? -- our air conditioner.

It took a few minutes to locate the frog -- he made a massive bellowing noise, but we kept looking down on the ground in the moist areas next to the condensation valve. Finally, we shined the flashlight higher -- and higher -- until the beam came to rest on the top of the air conditioner, next to an abandoned water pistol.

And there he sat -- Prince Noises in the Night.

*Way* too cool. I have a frog!!!!!! May he eat all the mosquitos in my yard! I really could kiss him if he would just do that one little thing....


At 23/6/06 2:18 AM, Blogger Amy said...

What a perfectly princely frog! I don't know that I've ever seen a frog with his throat all ballooned out. How cool! And may he happily munch on all the mosquitoes he can hold!


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