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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Embracing the sunrise

I am not a morning person.

Oh, no. Not me. I am a night owl. I like it when it's dark outside.

But today, I got up at an insane hour just to work on our vacation plans. Now, that's devotion.

I called Disney World starting at 6:55 to try to book a fireworks cruise.

If you're not a Disney freak, then you should know that not only are there fireworks at WDW, but you can also pay to ride a boat around a lake and watch fireworks at the same time. Sounds like a downer when I put it that way, doesn't it? But it's so cool. I *love* fireworks cruises.

You can only try to book those boats 90 days before the date on which you'd like to cruise. And there are fewer boats available than there are people who want to ride around in 'em. So you have to get up at the crack of dawn and start dialing. It helps if you know the automated operator directories that you have to get through before you even get a human being. There are *five* such directories.

I was very surprised to get through all five directories and hear a human's voice at the other end of the line, but I managed to say, "I'd like to book an 8 pm specialty cruise, please!" The girl asked, "Illuminations or Wishes?" I replied Illuminations and -- surprise! -- I got it!!!

(This experience is SO not Wendy's, huh?)

The last time we did an Illuminations cruise, the year was 2000 and the kids were 6 and 11. Sniffle! They grow up so fast.

Oh, I hope we don't get the captain in trouble this year!

So for once, I'm happy to be awake early in the morning. Maybe I'll do something productive today! Or... maybe I'll just sit and stare at my vacation plans.


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