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Thursday, April 06, 2006

She's such a Croc-up

AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! (And a thanks to Emily for putting the Country Crock bucket under my foot and snapping the picture, too!)

Yea, verily, I have Crocs. My feet will be happy now. So will my back. And my sense of artistic equilibrium. Because I cannot resist these peachy-pink Crocs, and they feel like buttah. Seriously. If you don't care a flip about fashion and you need some seriously perfect shoes, these are the shoes for you.

Now that I have some of my own, I understand why some Crocs fans have started Crocs fansites. I want a dozen pairs in all kinds of colors. I can't believe that shoes made out of what feels like FunFoam can feel this fabulous and cost only $30.

Run, do not walk. Oh, wait, that's right, you don't have them yet. OK, limp to the nearest Crocs retailer. You will be running and skipping soon thereafter!!!!!

Big, huge, slobbery thanks to everyone who wrote to me about Crocs when I said my feet were killing me. You've changed my life for the better!

Now if only I could stop making Croc puns...


At 7/4/06 1:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

See...I told you that you would love them. Any luck on getting black ones?
If you want to personalize your crocs, try this site.

At 7/4/06 2:45 PM, Blogger Bay in TN said...

Sabrina.... Don't you think Alcohol Inks would work with this material?


At 7/4/06 4:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alcohol inks might work. Or they might melt them into goo.

I dunno. Test a teensy area on the bottom.

So, tell me...are these things up to CHA type abuse???


P.S. My word verification today is permikim. It sounds like a scrapping product.

At 8/4/06 2:35 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Oh, no. I used to work with Kim. Once she started talking, she wouldn't stop. You'd try to ditch her, but she'd just follow you into the ladies' room, talking the whole way. That's why we called her Permikim.

Btw, I got some Crocs, too. Crocs rock!

Oh, and my verification word is Stan's Navel, only it's spelled "stnznvl."


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