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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Weekends are for retail therapy

There, that's better.

I went shopping. It's amazing what a little retail therapy can do for a gal's disposition!

The loose chipboard letters are We R Memory Keepers letters that come in yummy, big boxes with 100 chunky letters for playing. I already had the serif font, so this time I got the sans serif style.

The Gin X rub-ons have a good reputation for peeling off the backing easily, and the Creative Imaginations rub-ons are such great, big, beautiful monograms that I couldn't resist.

The Chip Chatter letters? I've wanted some of those since they first appeared on Scraptalk.

All of my paintbrushes have disappeared (thanks, Emily), so I stopped at WalMart and grabbed a value pack of cheap brushes. I don't treat brushes nicely enough to indulge in really good ones.

Beads, ribbons, and background papers are all from the latest Paisley kit from Club Scrap. Technically, I didn't buy them this weekend, but they soothe my soul nonetheless. Just fondling the embossed paper is enough to restore some of my sanity.

Now to just find some in-focus photos to scrap -- I should be busy!


At 12/3/06 10:30 PM, Blogger Hi, my name is Greg. said...

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At 12/3/06 10:35 PM, Blogger Hi, my name is Greg. said...

Hey Bay! I messed up my original post. So here is "take deuce". I was reading along with you & I had this overwhelming feeling to tell you that I Love You. You were awesome in school and you are now even more *awesomer* - If that is even possible.

Love to love ya'Bay!

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