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Thursday, August 25, 2005

I should've known

Although I'm in the midst of my vacation report, I have to stop and post about Sarah Bettens, about whose work I've already posted. This is your reminder -- the CD "Scream" is now available, but, man, it's hard to find. I went to Knoxville today and traversed four stores before I found a single copy at Borders. I simply could not wait another second for this CD. My son complained after each stop, "Can we go home now?" No, honey, Mama's not leaving this city until she has that blankety-blank album.

I heard "Stay" twice on the radio during my vacation. I still haven't heard "Stay" or "Follow Me" in East Tennessee, although I'm calling all the appropriate stations and requesting the music of Sarah Bettens. This stuff is ... incredible. It's a writer's dream. All the lyrics say so much. This is why I listen to music. Lyrics are, after all, the most acceptable form of poetry in our cool, modern world.

But to get back to the point -- I should've known. The second time I heard "Stay," I told Wesley, "She's like a cross between Emily Saliers and Amy Ray." Emily and Amy comprise the Indigo Girls, a... a band like no other. I cannot categorize them. We used to call 'em indie folk back at the end of the 80's when they hit the pop scene with "Closer to Fine." I actually worked with Emily at camp when I was in college, and I was so excited by their success, I once shouted in a grocery store when the song came on the sound system. I haven't talked to Emily since I was pregnant with Woodrow. So it's been a long time, and I remain a great admirer of their music -- especially Emily's. *Her* lyrics are stunning; her grasp of music is sublime. Amy Ray, whom I've met only twice, has a rougher, more rock-sensible, gravelly voice.

So here's Sarah Bettens who commands my attention with such stalwart, self-aware, heartbreaking lyrics and beautiful little melodies, and I immediately thought of Emily and Amy.
She has Emily's lyrical sense and Amy's slightly rougher vocals.

I finally got the CD and came home (after a stop at Starbuck's for a Venti Mocha Frappucino, thanks to my sister for the new addiction), and once comfortable, I opened up the liner notes.

And there, in a photograph in the center fold, is a picture of Sarah Bettens with Emily Saliers.

I should have known.

Emily plays acoustic guitar on the song "Sister." Check it out, y'all. I'm not kidding. I still love "Stay" and "Follow Me" the most, but many of these ditties are ripping my heart out. I've been weeping a little all night long. And really, isn't that what makes a really good CD?


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Omg can you please post that pic of sarah and emily please?! I need it


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