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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Pinkie swear

I'm home. I'm home from Club Scrap Retreat. I was nowhere near a computer for six days, and it was great. Even if I had been near a computer, I didn't have time to post. Nor did I have the energy. I got up everyday at 6:00 and crashed every night at 11:00, and every minute in between was crammed full of the most amazing experiences of my scrapbooking life.

Club Scrap holds two "big" retreats a year -- if you can call 100 attendees a "big" event, which is ridiculous, because a "famous" event chain hosts some insane number like 600 at their events. I attended small colleges because I'm *so* not into big crowds. Even with "only" 100 attendees, I didn't memorize everyone's names. I'm so glad Club Scrap keeps the Retreats to a manageable size.

Anyway! With two "big" retreats, we're not allowed to spill the beans about the fun stuff that happens at Retreat. We have to keep the surprises fresh for those who will experience it for themselves at the October Retreat. And we take this secret-keeping very seriously, so you won't be prying any juicy gossip out of me. I made *two* pinkie swears that I wouldn't tell a soul. So my hands are tied. My lips are sealed. My tick is tocked... wait, that was the wrong phrase. Oh, well, you get the idea. I'm not tellin'!!!!!!!!

I'm absolutely exhausted from the weekend, but I posted a note on the CS Yahoogroup earlier this evening that tells absolutely no secrets. Because I'm about to fall asleep on the keyboard, I'm going to just cut and paste that note here. When I'm awake tomorrow -- and when all my clothes are in the washer -- I'll try to catch the blog up a bit. Forgive me for my repetitiveness. I prefer to write fresh things for each of my venues, but... I'm just a lazy lout tonight.

Oh, one more thing -- I got sunburned in Wisconsin. Yep. Sunday afternoon was spent on a boat, traversing three different lakes and a river. It was FABULOUS!!!!! The sunburn isn't bad and it doesn't hurt unless my Amazon parrot happens to be sitting on it. Ow. He needs softer toenails!!!!

Here's my redundant note:
--- "Ginny" wrote:> They are actually sworn to secrecy by CS because they want to keep everything a secret for those of us who are going on October. I wish someone would spill the beans LOL !>

OK, I will tell you everything you need to know:
No experience will ever compare to the rapturous days spent at an August CS Retreat.

There. Those are the beans, and I spilled 'em. Oh, wait -- you already had heard that? Well, it's true.

Everywhere I went, I heard laughter and happy voices. I saw smiles and grins and tears of joy. Words failed many of us -- myself included -- when we "discussed" some of the classes. ("Did you see this thing we made --? Oh... my... GAH!!!!!" "Did you LOVE that trick she showed with the --? To DIE for!!!!" "I know!" "I know you know!" "No, I mean -- I KNOW!!!!!" We were all totally incoherent.)

I know y'all have heard me rant and rave about the fun I had at the October '03 Retreat, but -- really -- this one was more informative, more intimate, more cool, more fabulous, more fun-filled (without being downright rowdy). I think -- if it's possible -- I made more friends this year than the last time, because we really *shared* of ourselves and our lives.

Oh, and Erikia Ghumm is the *bomb*. She owns the bombness. She is the nuclear bomb.

But so is Tricia.

And Dinah.

And Tim.

And Robin.

And Terri.

And Kay.

And Spencer and Jan and everyone, *everyone* at CSHQ.

And most especially, Jill. OMG, Jill is *so* fabulous.

If I sat here and listed all of the marvelous things about this August Retreat, we would be sitting here for days. All I can really tell you is that I flew into Nashville this evening, and that's about 2 hours from home. My DH Wesley drove over to pick me up, and he brought the poor kids with him. We stopped for dinner on the way, and I still talked nonstop about Retreat for two and a half hours *solid*. I talked until my mouth was dry. I cried in Cracker Barrel while telling them about Retreat. My son Woodrow rolled his eyes; my daughter Emily said, "Oh, no, not *again*!!!!" Wesley just smiled and said, "So you had a good time, huh?"

Yes. Yes, if you are just charmed by massive understatements, I had a good time. I will remember it always, forever, and until all my pizza boxes are turned into scrapbooks. CS Retreat is more than a mere scrapbooking event. It is respite for the soul. And every detail that you want to know is really just a tiny portion of that experience. How do you describe bliss? How do you list the minutiae that comprises such sanctuary? I cannot.

Go and live it for yourself, and then we can all say incoherent things together. The only sadness I have about Retreat is that not every CS member can attend at one time, all of us in one place, physically together. I felt you all with us -- all you thousands of Club Scrappers who love the glorious paper and stamps and yummy little goodies in our pizza boxes -- but I missed seeing your smiles.

I hope someday I really *will* see all of your smiles.