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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

So many thoughts...

...So little time.

I leave Wednesday at noon to go to Wisconsin for the weekend. I can't wait. Unfortunately, I have things to write and bags to pack before I can leave. I need a clone of myself to help me get ready!!!!

So here are a few completely scattered thoughts:
- Washing a new car is fun. Washing an old car? I don't remember what it's like.

- The crop at the Maple Grove Inn was fun, although it was just me'n'Alison'n'Michelle. Alison brought the most delicate, dainty cucumber sandwiches. I felt 8 times more elegant than usual just *looking* at them. Michelle brought decadent, yummy brownies. The whole thing was heavenly. Alison and I came up with a book plan. Watch out, scrapbook-haters -- we're gonna getcha!

- Just two weeks until I'll be on Edisto Island, taking showers the way we were all meant to take them: Outside. Yep. The enclosed, hot-and-cold, outdoor shower is the surest sign that mankind is reaching the culmination of civilized living. It doesn't get any better than that. I wait with bated breath. The ocean? Eh. Whatever. Charleston? It's cool. Touring historic homes? Fun. Touring the marshes? Tres cool. But the enclosed, hot-and-cold, outdoor shower -- now that's a reason to look forward to vacation. I'm getting very psyched up about that!

- Wesley threw away all the papers with the orders for all my tests. Now I have to call the doctor and ask for copies. I'm lookin' forward to *that* phone call. NOT.

- I'm going to Wisconsin this week!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! And.... I hear they have indigo buntings up there. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Yeah, OK, I'm a geek. Indigo buntings summer in Southern Canada and winter in Central America, and they migrate at *night*. We just don't see them here in the South, and I've only seen two indigo buntings in my entire life. I need to see another one before I croak. Which I will probably do if I don't get all those tests that the doctor ordered.

- Homegrown tomato sandwiches are worth fighting and dying for.

- The sunsets for the last three days have been *spectacular*.

- I am *way* too shy and retiring to ever really purchase or display this, but ... if I were wilder, this bumper sticker would adorn my Earth-lovin' Prius. It's wicked. Oh, my, yes, it is. But it makes tree-huggers seem a lot wilder, doesn't it?

I have no idea if I'll be blogging from Wisconsin, but I'll take my camera with me. Of course. Be good, or be good at it!


At 2/8/05 9:13 AM, Blogger Jane said...

Can't wait to meet you this weekend in Wisconsin.
I have to tell you...I have lived my WHOLE life in Wisconsin, the first 18 years in Appleton, and I have NEVER seen an Indigo Bunting!
Hope that you do!

At 3/8/05 5:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, we have them. Not in our yard of course, but my mother-in-law, right down the street from us, seems to lure them into her yard all the time!! They are beautiful birds!! I hope you see one. If not, look me up -- I'll take you to my in-laws!! LOL!

At 4/8/05 1:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you have a safe trip, and pick up lots of interesting tidbits to share with all of us when you get back.


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