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Monday, June 30, 2008

Sick to death of haiku

What is the modern obsession with haiku, dammit? Everywhere I turn, someone's writing a haiku. Is it the only form of poetry anyone can remember? Why can't they remember cinquains or quatrains, sonnets or acrostics? Why doesn't anyone ever write elegies any more? Even limericks are more interesting than haiku, for heaven's sake.

Project Rungay recently had a contest. (I didn't enter, I swear.) It was for a bag of hair product swag. Even that contest was haiku, and the winner had (a) nothing to do with classical haiku except the syllable count and (b) nothing to do with Project Runway at all. Very confusing. And disappointing.

And as I surf through blogs, I find post after post filled with improperly metered "haiku." I think people are beginning to think that if it has three lines, it's haiku.

It ain't.

But that's OK, because if it's wrong, then it's no longer haiku, and maybe we'll see the end of this popular haiku obsession in my lifetime.

Please, please, please.

Can I write an epitaph to haiku? Heh!


At 1/7/08 1:09 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Note to self: Suggest limerick contest for the podcast to Bay. Ix-nay on the aiku-hay.

At 3/7/08 8:04 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I am a bit of a haiku "nut" fact I have a new call for submission out for a manuscript pending publication. If you are not haikued out, check it out! It has some great info and hostile haiku!


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