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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yay, spring bloggers

I am, as I mentioned last week, completely enamored of a bunch of Knoxville blogs/bloggers. I wish I could claim that I belong in that group of cool people, but I don't. I'm not young. I'm not hip. I do not have the new taste of the blissful urbanite. I do love downtown/historic Knoxville, but from the distance provided me in my totally rural locale.

Thank goodness no one has to rely on me to be their taste monger.

My favorite Knoxville blog, bar none, is "The Sunsphere is not a wig shop." I wish it were a wig shop. When the Tennessee Stage Company was centered in the Candy Factory, we could get chocolate-covered Rice Krispie treats at the drop of a hat. I miss those 2003 days.


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