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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mystery Cantina

While Wesley and I were out walking (oooo -- I feel all healthy *now*), I realized that I've never taken a picture of the hosiery mill in late afternoon. Half of the old mill is gone. Of the other half nothing remains except the walls and a whole lot of vegetation.

I'm wondering when some enterprising soul climbed up a ladder and paint "Rosita's Cantina" on that plank over the doorway. Because it didn't say that four years ago. And I'm also wondering why. Who is Rosita? Where is her cantina? And is there a mariachi band playing?

In other news, I made a few cards from this month's Club Scrap kit. Totally ripped off from Tricia's "A Fit For Your Style" column in the Scrap Rap newsletter -- with alterations, of course. I only had a little time to work on them, so maybe tomorrow I can finish out the Greetings To Go pack. Then I would have 15 cards, all ready to send out to whomever needed a greeting from me.

I would send one to my sister Amy, but she's coming home in a day and a half. WOO HOO!!! Finally!!!! I'll get to see my stister!!!!!!


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