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Friday, May 11, 2007

Dining out

I was just reading Cathy Z's blog and she very generously shared a chili recipe that sounds really yummy. And instead of just saying, "Ooo, sounds yummy," I went off on a total tangent about how tired I am of cooking dinner.

Now, why did I do that? Not very polite of me. I guess I'm just feeling really grumpy about cooking today.

And I don't even have a reason to feel grumpy about it today, because Amy is now officially in East Tennessee, and I'll go see her tonight instead of cooking dinner. YAY!!!!! I get to hang out with Amy!!!! And YAY!!!! I don't have to cook anything, YAY, YAY, YAY!!!!!!

We don't know what or where we'll be eating -- we might be having burgers on the grill at Amy's cabin. Or we might meet at a restaurant in nearby Maryville for a tasty meal. I don't know yet, but I don't mind either possibility. Because, let's face it, either way, I don't have to cook it.

And I get to spend that time in the company of my sister, who was silly and moved all the way to Las Vegas.

Now, the cards above -- I enjoyed cooking up those little beauties. The last 8 cards I made were totally copied after Tricia's gorgeous creations in the Scrap Rap. These 7 cards were utterly designed by little old moi. My gosh, Club Scrap makes it easy with this kit.

And yeah, I went a little hogwild with my ink. Couldn't help it! I love ink. And paper. And stuff like that!


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