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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Project Runway, S 3, Ep 4


Whew. What a week! I held my breath too much and I was lightheaded by the time the show started tonight. I don't have a lot to say -- I am just sooooooo relieved that it was the butler in the attic with a stack of books. Wait! I mean, I'm sorry, it was Keith who got kicked off of Project Runway.

And he still had a stack of books -- pattern-making books, that is! That is very close to one of the leaks/spoilers that appeared on Television Without Pity over the last week, but that rumor said "fashion books," which could be, well, anything. But pattern-making books -- heck, even I know that's evil!

Take that, Keith, you and your insufferably superior, lazy, entitled attitude. Yes! There is justice. I feel so much better about the world in general right now.

That said, I kind of expected a terrible letdown once the rule-breaker was revealed, and I'm sooooooo happy to say -- no! Not a bit! I absolutely cannot *wait* to see what happens next week when Angela (the bubble-skirt rosette girl) has immunity and totally sinks her fellow designers in her incomprehensible, inexpert, inexperienced, inelegant muck!

My two favorite moments of tonight's show -- other than the Ouster of the Keither into the Ether --

1. Michael, collapsing on a table, kicking his heels up into the air and guffawing while trying to explain to Angela about design, and --

2. The moment when Heidi told Robert his design was boring and he mouthed, "OUCH!"

I adore Robert and Michael, and I am holding my breath for the rest of the season in the hopes that they are both in the final 3. It's official. I have chosen my favorites, and all the rest can try, but they can only *try* to supplant the beauteous boys.

Oh, a word about this week's loser: Awwwwwwwwww. I hardly knew anything about Bonnie. That was kind of sad. I ... kind of thought maybe scruffy Bradley would go, thanks to his diaper pants. I'm sorry it was Bonnie ... sort of...

I don't know. This is a very difficult season -- there are so many more *fabulous* designers than there were in seasons past. I still think Vincent, Angela, and Jeffrey are the worst, but that still leaves a lot of really talented people. I'm just not sure that Bonnie was the most deserving of being auf'ed. I hope she continues to go on and design and succeed, and I really loved her attitude, if not her style, so much.

So -- aren't you guys relieved it wasn't Kayne who was kicked out???? WHEW!


At 3/8/06 9:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Imagine the disaster her clothes would have been without Laura or Michael on her team. Those rosetts all over the pants, ugh! She was smart to pick them to be on her team.

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