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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Skype me!

Man, I'm getting so techno-savvy, it's positively frightening. I have Skype! I have headphones and a microphone! Amy walked me through getting everything I needed to get it set up, and then we talked a little last night -- over the Internet -- and the sound is utterly amazing. It's as if she's in the same room as me.

A little note if you're not accustomed to the better quality of a microphone and a headset like this -- I apparently deafened poor Yamy by trying to eat a Dorito. OK, note to self: Can't eat Doritos while podcasting....

... When we start podcasting, that is......

(If you have Skype and ya wanna give me a holler, send me an email to warn me, OK? I'm listening to the new Snow Patrol CD "Eyes Open" on the headphones because the sound quality raaawwwwwks!)


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