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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Project Runway, Season 3, Ep 3

For those of you surfing here in search of spoilers for who gets kicked off prematurely this season, I don't know. I don't even know why my blog appears high in the search engines -- except, of course, I am totally fabulous and everyone should read my blog, anyway. Snort.

But wow, it's nice to see those numbers on my hit counter, so thank you for stopping by. I do have a very ugly theory based on the promos that they showed during tonight's episode, but I hope it's just creative and misleading editing on Bravo's part. Because I would die -- DIE! -- if Kayne were kicked off prematurely. I refuse to believe Kayne did anything dastardly. He's too fabulous to be sneaky!

My thoughts on tonight's episode? I honestly couldn't pick a winner. There was no stand-out design on the runway tonight, and I think it's because it was dog-centric. Uli (oo wah wah, wah WAH wah wah) made a great dress. I didn't like the dog coat that much.

I was outraged beyond all comprehension that Jeffrey chose the Welsh corgi. The only dogs I've ever owned were corgis, and although I don't own one now, if I were to get a dog, it would be a corgi. And Jeffrey's dress was incomprensibly ridiculous for a corgi owner, and the outlandishly floppy, messy, biker jacket costume he put on that dog was just an insult to the breed. I don't think Jeffrey should have been auf'd. I think he should have been SHOT. Not mortally. Just ... y'know, badly.

Katherine, the little poopsiekins, learned what happens to designers who throw darling Malan under the bus so swiftly. Good riddance. She should have listened to Tim Gunn!

Bradley -- ROFL! I'm sorry, I can't be much more coherent than that. That outfit was a mess, and the fact that the judges all loved it was just hilarious. Ooo, a note about the judges: How nice to see Ivanka out of the boardroom! That girl is just too smart!

Michael was robbed again. Did anyone look at the *back* of his dress? Magnifique!

Please let Keith be the one to get kicked off... please let Keith get the boot... PLEASE let Keith go away next week! I am definitely on pins and needles for August 2nd's episode!!!!


At 1/8/06 1:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim is going to be on Conan on Thursday!!!!

At 1/8/06 5:47 PM, Blogger Bay in TN said...

No, really??? I am *so* tuning in!!!!

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