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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ode to the Random Guy

There once was a Random Guy
Who stopped as he walked by --
Our fireworks he liked
(His dog nearly piked)
But Random just watched the sparks fly.

OK, that was a weird occasion.

We did our fireworks for Independence Day unusually late because of Wesley's work schedule -- it was nearly 10:30 before we started setting things off. There were oodles of other pyrotechnics going off all around town. I swear this place sounds like a war zone on the Fourth of July. (So does Las Vegas, if I'm to judge by the background noise when Amy called me -- and they're only s'posed to have "Safe & Sane" fireworks -- which means really dull pyrotechnics, of course. Apparently Las Vegans have found other sources of things that explode in the night.)

Everything was going just fine -- there were no mishaps, and some of the fireworks were really pretty. We used the classical music medley from the *old* Illuminations display that you used to be able to see at Epcot. Our neighbors were out in lawn chairs, watching the festivities, and I was quite surprised (and gratified) to see that Pam's granddaughter was delighted with the noise. The child is about 18 months old; my kids screamed like we were drowning them at that age over fireworks. (That behavior used to put quite a damper in *my* festivities, let me tell you!)

And out of nowhere, this Random Guy walked up out of the darkness and just joined Wesley on the strip of land where we set off our fabulous and incredibly well-organized display. Like we knew him! Like he had been doing it for years! Like he were part of the party! Just... out of the BLUE, there... he... was!!!

And the thing is -- he brought his dog with him, and that dog was terrified of the noise. Geeez!!!!

I mean -- I mean -- of course I want people to enjoy our fireworks display. Of course I do! I loved it that Pam and her family were clapping and ooh'ing and ah'ing from their side of the yard! But... I have never seen anyone just walk right up to the stuff with gunpowder and start *chatting* with Wesley before. This was surreal! Who was this Random Guy? Where did he come from? Did he even notice that his little dog was cowering under Wesley's truck as if she were going to die from the noise? Had it occurred to him that he was encroaching on Wesley's manly display of pyrotechnics ability? Noooooooo! No! Not at all!!!

It was a very strange night, let me tell you. I had to go to Knoxville in the middle of the night to bring Emily home. I stopped at Bimbo's for a Diet Sprite, and discovered my favorite cashier from the grocery store has quit that job and is now a night clerk for Bimbo's convenience store.

Yep. Weird Independence Day, any way you look at it. But I think I will always remember this as the year that Random Guy showed up and hung out with us for ten minutes or so.


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