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Thursday, July 13, 2006

It's a whole new season

Santino didn't win Season 2 - and I'm not sure he would have survived the first task of Season 3 -- but Project Runway is back with a whole new batch of designers, and oh! My! Goodness! What a fabulous show. I'm so mad that all the previews have shown Tim Gunn kicking someone off (for breaking a rule), but that won't happen until some later point in the season. Augh! How am I supposed to wait?

Biggest thrill of the first episode: Kate Spade as the Guest Judge. WOW!!!!! She was so elegant, intelligent, lovely, perceptive, and best of all, nice. Kate Spade was nice! That makes me feel so much better about the state of the world, to find out that someone so creative and revered in the world of fashion is actually capable of being a sweetheart judge.

(Unlike regular judge Michael Kors, who puts "meow" in "Meowchiavellian." He's mean. Just mean. Not even Simon Cowell honest-mean -- Michael Kors is just catty and jealous mean.)

If you're addicted to Project Runway, drop me a note, tell me what you thought. I don't have anyone with whom to dish about it, and it's killing me not to gossip!


At 13/7/06 10:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Project Runway fan here. Been reading the Television Without Pity boards just to read some PR gossip -- loved the Barbie guy's dress last night. Vincent is a hoot -- kind of a cross between Santino's odd sense of style and Andrae's emotionalism. Should be a great season!

You need to do some Disney plan updates, too. I'd love to hear what you're planning. Not staying at WL again, are you? :)

At 13/7/06 11:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

bay, I'm a PR junkie myself. DH even loves the show!

At 14/7/06 1:08 AM, Blogger Bay in TN said...

Kim and Sabrina, thank you, thank you for throwing me a bone. I did some searches around the blogosphere and found at least one interesting site with gossip and conjecture and much gnashing of teeth.

Kim, your blog continues to amaze me with its beauty. Your work is sublime. I should leave commentary there!!!!

I'll be blogging more about Project Runway. I can't help it. I'm obsessed.

Thank you!!! I got some email off the blog, too, so I'll refer to those letters in later posts.

Ooo, Kim, I really don't think Vincent's going to last long, if the previews of the second show are anything to judge by. Poor guy!!

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