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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Edisto Island, the beachy part

Wesley has finally accepted that I don't like the beach. Many times, he and the kids went swimming and left me at the house to do my own thing, which consisted of ... nothing. Man, it was great!!!! Or I would wait until an hour had passed, and then I would put on my swimsuit and go to the beach for a bit. I think the longest I spent in the ocean was 20 minutes. That's just about my limit!

(Someday I should find the file about our last trip to a non-Edisto Island locale... it wasn't pretty. Rocks, wind, vicious seagulls, and jellyfish larvae -- ewwwww. Not to mention OW.)

But Wesley and the kids loved it and spent lots more time swimming than I did, and as long as Wesley's happy, then everything is good. Even a beach.


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