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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Edisto Island -- side trip to Tybee

We sacrificed a whole day so Wesley could go to Tybee Island and see the lighthouse. We've never seen a lighthouse, so it was a learning experience. I climbed all the way to the top and got a certificate for my efforts. There are pics of me -- first I wouldn't come out of the top room, so Wesley took my pic through a window, and when I did go out, I held onto the walls and wouldn't look down. It was two and a half hours' drive to Tybee, and man, I am so glad I wasn't staying on that island. It is horribly overcrowded.

However, we had lunch at a place called The Crab Shack, which claims, "Where The Elite Eat In Bare Feet." The shrimp was to die for!!! They don't fry anything, so there were no hushpuppies – huge bummer. On the plus side, though, the place was FULL OF CATS!!! Most of the dining is under the live oaks. They've built up a floor and strung lights and fans through the dense trees, and all these cats are walking around in the open air, just waiting for some seafood to hit the floor. I know I saw 8 distinctly different cats out there, and there were more in the gift shop. And they only played Jimmy Buffett music. Wesley was in heaven.


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