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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Edisto Island, August, 2004

I'm home!!!! Man, that was a short trip. It feels like I was just here! I did take the ancient laptop with me and started a trip report, but it is miles long and I only made it to the second day. It was a busy vacation.

Edisto Island is getting more and more crowded -- but they're doing a good job of keeping things hidden back on the island instead of crowding the beachfront.

Our rental house was absolutely, completely, totally gorgeous, and being on the marsh instead of on the beach side was heaven. The very best part was the Enclosed, Hot-and-Cold, Outdoor Shower. Every day I took a shower outdoors after swimming, and that was just sublime. It's the best thing since skinny dipping, with a far smaller chance of getting caught nakey in public.


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