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Monday, October 28, 2013

A poem

Lamentation during the Anticipation of a Replacement Android Phone
by Bay

I do feel as if I cannot quite breathe --
As if my spirit hangs in a netherworld between reality and nothingness;
As if I'm screaming and no one can hear me. 
I feel as if the words I type with my thumbs aren't going anywhere 
and won't be read. 
I feel the birds -- are angry,
but I can't knock over pigs for them.

I am.

I am not.

Lost --
Without the map app that tells me where I am at (app?)
or where to go at (app!),
I wander in circles.

Am I?

Am I not?

I must be not.

                          -Oct. 24, 2013

Author's note: Anticipation of the fourth phone, actually. Got one, it died, it was replaced. Killed that one. A replacement was ordered. That one didn't work. Gazelle still hasn't refunded money. Yet another replacement was ordered from a great company that sells useful smart phones. In discussing the shoddy customer service of Gazelle, my sister said, "It's like an iron lung company NOT sending an iron lung." And thus the first line was inspired.