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Monday, July 06, 2009

Paper keeps me sane

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Club Scrap?


Well, let me take a minute to rhapsodize.

The last year of Club Scrap's offerings have been incredible and amazing.

I have ordered second kits of three different months in the last year. And it would be four, except I am poor and I can't justify an order of a second kit of this month's Memoirs collection.

(The kits I've ordered double helpings of were Cruisin', Cyprus, and Pure & Simple. Just in case you were wondering.)

Last month, although I couldn't order a second whole kit, I did order a second batch of fibers and a whole, fresh bead cup for the glorious Concrete Jungle. I know that I will use that kit up someday. I only wish I were rich this year. So I could order more paper and stuff.

Then this month's amazing Memoirs kit arrived. And somehow, I realized that my scrapbooking efforts were being paid off.

It's like a big slice of watermelon -- all pinky red and green, with a bunch of sweet other things mixed in for flavor. I can't be clearer; my head is clouded from the love in my heart!

The project this month was a journaling swatch book -- there are six pages of questions to prompt one's journaling/writing efforts, and then six pages of space in which to write the answers to the questions. All the while, these pages are encased in a handmade swatch book with hardware, decorated to the artist's own tastes and inclinations.

How can anyone resist this kind of glorious stuff?!?

Not I.

So while I languish in no-fireworks-for-Independence-Day land, at least I still have the world's most decadent and fabulous paper supplies with which to play. Thank you, Club Scrap. Thank you for spoiling me when I least expect it and most need it!


At 15/7/09 10:29 AM, Anonymous Mark said...

I appreciate the labor you have put in developing this blog. Nice and informative.


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